Saturday, February 25, 2012

First posting for Art Collecting Corner-ACC

Welcome all.  I decided to start blogging about art collecting as I think many believe this to be some sort of mysterious science or only something that the ultra wealthy engage in to hedge their stock portfolios.  I want to disabuse you of all those notions that art is too highfalootin' for common folks (like me) or that you need a ton of money to collect art.  All of that is untrue and hopefully through my blog you can become a believer as well.

Each week or so I'm going to feature an artist whom I am either collecting, have collected, or am considering collecting.  I am not here to promote any particular artist, although obviously by having their name out here it can certainly do just that.  Please do leave comments at the bottom as this is meant to be a dialog.  I am keeping this anonymous as it should not matter who I am to have these particular opinions. I also am not interested in advertising my collection.  Art collecting is a personal thing.  Obviously some collectors like to display their works through gallery shows.  If I were to display a work in a show, it would be labelled "private collector".  You can disagree with me on this and that is perfectly acceptable.  Discussion and debate is the key to enlightenment and edification.  So let's start this up!